Reference Queens

CH Gogees Charisma of Shere Khan Cats – aka Hannah Belle (her call name)
Sire: Nairobi’s Jungle Jaguar
Dam: Natthaga Belle Minou of Gogees
Hannah Belle has the appearance we are all looking for in a Bengal. She has big round nocturnal eyes, a body full of those gorgeous rosettes, a pelt that feels like silk, lots of acreage and a very typy head and body; all consistent with the Asian Leopard Cat. Her temperament is as sweet as an angel. She sleeps on my pillow at night and wants to be near to me constantly. The best thing in her world is playing tug-a-war with her toys.

Hannah Belle was voted one of the top Bengals with the Bengal Cat Club and was chosen to be proudly displayed on the 2006 calendar. Way to go girl .

BosqueBengals Kendi Sitara
Sire: Gogees Zorro of Bosquebengals
Dam: Bosquebengals 2 Cute
Sitara has a stunning, tight, silky coat with a very light creamy gold background.  Her rosettes are clearly defined, with lots of acreage between them.  She passes those huge rosettes and her glitter, to her kittens.  Her eyes are large and golden.  Her kittens have wonderful personalities and are very loving and friendly.  Sitara occasionally presents us with beautiful tri-coloredMarble kittens.  We are very lucky to have her in our breeding program.