Past Kittens

Past Kittens 


Temecula, CA – It was a mutual love at first sight between Grace and Jasmine.  “Jasmine is doing fine. She’s a little angel. Yesterday I was at my office much of the day. She was fine when I got home. Today is the first time I’m at my computer with her and she is chasing the mouse and the letters as I’m typing on the screen. Funny to watch! Otherwise, we’ve been together the rest of the time. She’s a lot of fun. You taught her the word “No” good. She immediately stops what she’s doing when I say no. Thanks again for my adorable Jasmine.


Phoenix, AZ – The Parrulli family named their new girl Cooper.  “She is adjusting well. She is running up and down the halls and up and over the couch as though she has always been here.  We are really enjoying all her antics. When she sees you for the first time, she arches her little back and starts to purr. It does not take much to get her to arch her back and purr, all you have to do is walk out of her line of vision for a few seconds and she is happy each time she sees you again.  What a doll.  Thanks for doing such a great job raising her. We just love her.”   The new baby and Cooper will sure have fun together.


Scottsdale, AZ – Niki and Dustin say “the kitties are awesome! We love them and they love each other so it works out perfect.”.  They are so glad they chose to get two siblings.  “Watching them play is a riot.  Both kittens are so humorous but also very loving especially in the morning when getting ready for work.”


Tucson, AZ  The Childress family has adopted a baby from Star.  Sedona is her name because she has a very rufous pelt like her mama.  “Sedona likes to be heard!  She loves to play and has trained our Shiz Tsu, Geronimo, to lick her ears clean every day. She plays hide and seek with our Border Collie, Jet. She loves to cuddle up with our whole family and she is a great sock thief.  She is an electronics whiz, especially “pawing” the paper copies as they come out of the printer. She is always good for a laugh or two as well as cat kisses.”

Tucson, AZ – TheBessick family are long time cat lovers.  “I have to tell you that these cuties have been nothing but joy to everyone. We are amazed by the changes that their coats are going through and their paws are just amazing how they pick things up.  They look like little hands. Zen’s name fits him well, he is so laid back.  Miko, she is the adventurer. Zen & Miko have been a lot of fun having around.  They both are so sweet and love attention.  Every day I say thank you for putting so much effort into raising such little sweeties.. Thanks.”

Tucson, AZ – “I have never seen a kitten like Kiara – she got out of the carrier and acted as if this had been her home all along; she even went right up to Snicky and licked him on the nose!  By morning they were both sleeping in his favorite corner under the bed.  They were actually playing together this morning too!  She really is a little dynamo- she tried to jump in the bathtub with Natalie so many times we had to lock her out of the bathroom.”



Choctaw, OK – John and Jo have two inseparable siblings.  “They are so beautiful.  John and I are both stunned by how pretty they are.  Even with all of the pictures, we were not prepared.  They really are exotic.  The first night and every night since, they are sleeping at the foot of our bed.  Thank you for giving us so much happiness.”

Phoenix, AZ – Pat loves her new boy Sambo.  “Sambo is something else.  He likes to be where I am.  He sleeps with me, likes to nuzzle & thinks I’m his mother.  He loves the mouse on the computer & his new condo.  He’s the cutest little thing since rabbits!”  Pat has returned to get a little sister for Sambo.  Cinder is already Sambo’s best friend.  It’s always nice to have a buddy.


Sugar Land, TX – Susan and Bill thought all of their children were grown until Baci came into the house.  Of course, Baci runs the place and helps Susan do every little thing.  He insists on being the center of attention.  Baci now has a little sister, Bella, from Shere Khan Cats.  They are best friends.  Susan and I stay in contact so I get updates about all the new things her feline friends have learned and all the normal antics Bengals can think up.


Phoenix, AZ – The Laubaum family says “Mowgli is so well acclimated to us and our house, it was amazing.  We never have to look under the bed for him!  He is eating well, showing affection to everyone and letting us know when he doesn’t like something (very vocal).”  A few weeks later they write “He is growing and doing really well.  He is very lovable and lots of fun.  He follows us everywhere around the house and we’ve had tons of fun with him.”



Culver City, CA –  Maureen named her boy Simba Jr. after dad.  He has been a delight and a great companion for her other cat.  “Thanks for the joyful addition to the family and for letting us stay at your home.”  Simba Jr. recently participated in his first cat show and did quite well.


Chilliwack B.C – Diana of Kanpur Bengals says “Jasmine is adorable and beautiful.  She is such a monkey. We just love her.”  Jasmine has started her own breeding program.



Tucson, AZ – Stephen first reaction was “Not too long after you left my lil baby was all curled up and resting up on my bed like he’d been living there for years. He just plays and plays, then it hits him and he’s just beat. It almost seems like right in the middle of going after the toy he just is like ooo I’m too tired, nap time. And he’s just out. Very funny to see. He’s so well adjusted. You did such a great job with him and he’s just such a sweetie. Right now I’m working on deciphering his array of mews, chirps, and otherwise. Anyways, I think he’s signifying he wants to play again by attacking my feet. So I must go tend to the lil one now. Thank you again so much.”


Tucson, AZ – Sheba chose Marlene & Bucky in Tucson.  What a sweet and smart doll baby. Marlene agrees with me when I said “this will be the best cat she has ever had.”


Winthrop, MA – Anna is one of several clients who adopted two Bengals; these siblings from a Kira x Ziggy litter and are inseparable.  “Niles (brown spotted) is such an angel.  He is very cuddly and lovable.  He follows me everywhere.  He really likes his “mouse” and carries it around a lot.  He loves to lie in the bathtub.  At night, he sleeps on my nightstand with his head next to mine.  He is really sweet!! I bought him this little ferret thing and he attacks it like it’s prey and won’t let it go.  He also picks things up with his paws.  Yun Qi (marbled Bengal) is a little purring machine.  He likes to drink from the faucet.  He opened the closet door yesterday all by himself.  They are very smart.  Niles still plays fetch and Yun Qi is the jumper/tumbler.  I filled the sink with water for them to play in, Yun Qi dove right in, and Niles investigated the situation and took a few sips.  The other night one of them or both turned on my stereo full blast, it was funny.  Your kitties are definitely exceptional!!



Warsaw Poland – Aga of “Bengals and Blues” is enjoying her new boy.  “Kiefer has already settled in which I am very happy about.  He’s playful and happy.  Kociak has already come around as well and they spend most of the time together!”  Two years later…”He’s gotten really big!  I still remember when we picked him up, he was so tiny.  Kiefer has turned to such a sweetheart these days.  He is just so cute and affectionate, especially when he wants some cheese from the fridge.”

Tucson, AZ – John & Kathy loved their Bengal so much they came back for a 2nd one.  Huey and Teevah are doing great.