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CH Gogees Charisma of Shere Khan Cats – aka: Hannah Belle (her call name)

Hannah Belle has the appearance we are all looking for in a Bengal. She has big round nocturnal eyes, a body full of those gorgeous rosettes, a pelt that feels like silk, lots of acreage and a very typy head and body; all consistent with the Asian Leopard Cat. Her temperament is as sweet as an angel. She sleeps on my pillow at night and wants to be near to me constantly. The best thing in her world is playing tug-a-war with her toys.

Hannah Belle was voted one of the top Bengals with the Bengal Cat Club and was chosen to be proudly displayed on the 2006 calendar. Way to go girl.
2018 – Hannah was still very much part of life here at ShereKhanCats.  She was beyond the breeding age, but remained the lovable, sweet and absolutely beautiful cat that she had always been.  Oh how I missed her gorgeous babies!  And now, I still cannot believe she is gone.  RIP my lovely girl.

Hannah Belle  2004 – 2018

hannah-102704 hannah-101504hannah at a cat show-050105 photo by Jim Brown

                                                                               hannah x simba - newlitter - 121505                                                                                     Hannah x Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) - 1106                                                                   Hannah Belle with ALC baby..She was the ultimate kitten thief.  All babies became hers!

 Hannah at a cat show-being judged by Vickie Fisher-091705 / 1C=1st in Color / 1D=1st in Division / 1 Breed=Best of Breed hannah-120305 playing with her Barbie catHannah-cat show-being judged by Adriana Kajon-050105

BosqueBengals Kendi Sitara

Sitara has a stunning, tight, silky coat with a very light creamy gold background.  Her rosettes are clearly defined, with lots of acreage between them.  She passed those huge rosettes and her glitter, to her kittens.  Her eyes are large and green.  Her kittens had wonderful personalities and were very loving and friendly.  Sitara occasionally presented us with beautiful tri-colored Marble kittens.  We are very lucky to have had her in our breeding program.
2018:  Sitara was still a part of our cattery.  She was beyond the breeding age, but we were bless to enjoy her beauty and personality.

Sitara  2004 – 2018



Millwood Toshani

Our Very First Bengal, the beginning of our cattery, year:2000  We miss her.

Toshani had big puffy whisker pads and a beautiful tight pelt with lots of smaller rosettes..  Her coat was very silky and loaded with golden glitter Her babies were given her wild, exotic look.  She added wonderful mahogany centers to her babies’ rosettes She had fluid’ movements, and was very agile.  Her intelligence was obvious, and was passed to her babies.

She had to have the last word, when we talked to her.  She wanted to be with us wherever we are.  She was truly a ‘teaching,’ loving mother.  She talked to her babies, as she showed them pertinent developmental tasks.  She chose toys that she felt that they should have at different times.  Like most children, her babies didn’t always listen to her, but she was very attentive.  She continued to carry toys to her kittens, and to show them how to do things. She was not happy when we left her.  She loved to ride in the car.  Because she hopped in the suitcase as soon as it appeared, she traveled with us as much as possible. One by one, she plopped her kittens in the suitcases as we were packing assuring us that we were not to leave neither her, or the babies  behind.  She delivered babies,without a fuss in several different states – content to just be with us.


         Toshani sharing kitten duties with her daughter, Takigi.  Both mommas allowed their human friends and a feline friend, Takota, a Siamese male, to babysit.  They both brought every single kitten to us, one at a time to watch while they attended to other duties.  Takota would wait outside the baby crate until they were ready to leave, then keep the babies warm until the mother returned.  He sometimes shared the crate as well.


Shabeel Tiara
Deceased:  Cancer 2017

Tiara was the daughter of Millwood Toshani and Trendar Zeigmeister.  She was spotted with arrowhead, shaded rosettes. She had a beautiful deep color..  She dripped with gold glitter from her head to the tip of her tail..  Her silky soft pelt was striking, and invited human touch.
Her story:  I repossessed her from an abusive buyer.. They literally threw her inside my front door.  She ran to me and actually leaped into my arms.  Her mother, Toshani and sister, TaKigi, welcomed her as if she had just walked out the door an hour before.  It took her weeks to return to the outgoing kitten I had sold nine weeks before.  With lots of love, and the added love and attention from her mom and sister, she recovered.  She remained mine..
She was playful, and very intelligent.  She loved to open cabinets and drawers.  She watched human activities, and copied what they did.  Nine foot jumps were easy accomplishments for both her, and her sister, Takigi.


Shabeel Takigi

Deceased 2016
Kigi (pronounced key-gee) was the daughter of MIllwood Toshani and Trendar Zeigmeister. Our very first kitten – 2001. Her  rosettes had open, mahogany colored centers.  They were beautiful, and well defined with lots of acreage.  She was truly a typy Bengal with puffy whisker pads, wild head and long muscular body.  Her movements were that of a cat from the jungle.  They were agile, graceful, fluid and smooth.  She passed these traits onto her exquisite babies.  She was the cat that every breeder dreams of and tries to produce.
Her short show career netted her first place in eight out of twelve rings, second place in the remaining four rings, and three final ribbons.   She and her sister, Tiara, liked to mimic humans.  No cabinet, or drawer was too much of a challenge.  Like her mother and sister,Tiara, Kigi loved to travel.  Their three heads could often be seen together at our car windows, watching the scenery or passing vehicles.  They shared their kittens and frequently brought them to us, or our ancient Siamese male,Takoda, to babysit