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TGC BishopsBengals Apache Apache profile This boy was our beautiful F5 male sired by QGC Albright Starstruck of BischopsBengals. As seen in the pictures below, he was beautiful, dripping with type, and lovely rosettes.

He was VERY OUTGOING and personable, not shy in the least. Lots of white markings, round ears, large eyes, distinct lines over the head, spotted legs, short smooth shiny coat, big rosettes, large round feet, a perfect profile…


We were very excited to announce that Apache made Triple Grand Champion at the Lafayette, LA show October 2nd-3rd. Apache made Double Grand Champion at the Richmond, VA show June 26th-27th, 2004. He not only made DGC but he also received a Best Cat in Lisa Dickie’s ring. He was a Grand Champion by his second show in Schaumburg, Ill where he placed 1st in Breed and Division in 9 of the 15 rings and finaled three times.

Apache did an incredible job in the show ring. In his first show as an adult in Atlanta he made Champion in the first four rings of show in January 2004. He had a very impressive showing at his first adult show. He was awarded best of breed and division four times and went to the finals three times achieving 3rd best all breed and 4th best specialty. All of this at only 9 months of age.

GREAT NEWS…….Apache was tested HCM NEGATIVE on 6/23/2006

Millwood Whirlwind (Takao)

takao stud image

Takao was large and muscular. He had such wonderful rosettes that looked like they were painted on. His coat was thick and lush. He just shined with glitter. His tail was thick, and his ears were small. His personality equaled his beauty.

He was friendly to everyone. He fathered kittens in France and California before coming to Shere Khan Cats Bengals. We thank Jean Mill of Millwood for sharing him with us.


takao cat


Trendar Zeigmeister of Shere Khan Cats (Ziggy)

takao stud image

Ziggy was always a camera ham, showing off those big bright eyes. Ziggy’s clear coat  emerged full of glitter and rosettes. The dark spine area of a kitten breaks up into individual spots. It takes a full year for a Bengal pelt to mature. This guy was beautiful, strong and muscular but always thought in kitten mode. He was happy to share in parenthood duties.  He would watch outside of a kitten den, and loved to babysit while the mommas attended to mundane things like eating.  The momma cats trusted him with even the most newborn babies, sometimes taking them all to him.

Ziggy proved himself at the cat shows placing 1st through 5th in best of color, breed and division. He sired many beautiful kittens.  He was retired and lives with his forever family in Las Cruces, NM


ziggy kitten image