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CH Gogees Charisma of Shere Khan Cats - aka Hannah Belle (her call name)

Hannah Belle has the appearance we are all looking for in a Bengal. She has big round nocturnal eyes, a body full of those gorgeous rosettes, a pelt that feels like silk, lots of acreage and a very typy head and body; all consistent with the Asian Leopard Cat. Her temperament is as sweet as an angel. She sleeps on my pillow at night and wants to be near to me constantly. The best thing in her world is playing tug-a-war with her toys.

Hannah Belle was voted one of the top Bengals with the Bengal Cat Club and was chosen to be proudly displayed on the 2006 calendar. Way to go girl

hannah-102704 hannah-101504 hannah at a cat show-050105  photo by Jim Brown

 hannah x simba - newlitter - 121505 Hannah x Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) - 1106

 Hannah at a cat show-being judged by Vickie Fisher-091705 / 1C=1st in Color / 1D=1st in Division / 1 Breed=Best of Breed hannah-120305 playing with her Barbie cat Hannah-cat show-being judged by Adriana Kajon-050105

BosqueBengals Kendi Sitara

Sitara has a stunning, tight, silky coat with a very light creamy gold background.  Her rosettes are clearly defined, with lots of acreage between them.  She passes those huge rosettes and her glitter, to her kittens.  Her eyes are large and golden.  Her kittens have wonderful personalities and are very loving and friendly.  Sitara occasionally presents us with beautiful tri-colored Marble kittens.  We are very lucky to have her in our breeding program.



Millwood Toshani

Toshani has big puffy whisker pads and a beautiful tight pelt with lots of smaller rosettes.  Her coat is very silky and loaded with golden glitter.  Her babies are given her wild, exotic look.  She adds wonderful mahogany centers to her babies' rosettes.  She has 'fluid' movements, and is very agile.  Her intelligence is obvious, and is passed to her babies.

She has to have the last word, when we talk to her.  She wants to be with us wherever we are.  She is truely a 'teaching, ' loving mother.  She talks to her babies, as she shows them  pertinent developmental tasks.  She chooses toys that she feels that they should have at different times.  Like most children, her babies don't always listen to her, but she is very attentive.  She continues to carry toys to her kittens, and to show them how to do things.



Shabeel Tiara

Tiara is the daughter of Millwood Toshani and Trendar Zeigmeister.  She is spotted with arrowhead, shaded rosettes.  She has a beautiful deep color..  She is dripping with gold glitter from her head to the tip of her tail..  Her silky soft pelt is striking, and invites human touch. 

She is playful, and very intelligent.  She loves to open cabinets and drawers.  She watches human activities, and copies what they do.  Nine foot jumps are easy accomplishments for both her, and her sister, Takigi.


Shabeel Takigi

Kigi (pronounced key-gee) is the daughter of MIllwood Toshani and Trendar Zeigmeister. Her rosettes have open, mahogany colored centers.  They are beautiful, and well defined with lots of acreage.  She is truly a typy Bengal with puffy whisker pads, wild head and long muscular body.  Her movements are that of a cat from the jungle.  They are agile, graceful, fluid and smooth.  She passes these traits onto her exquisite babies.  She is the cat that every breeder tries to produce.

Her short show career netted her first place in eight out of twelve rings, second place in the remaining four rings, and three final ribbons.   She and her sister, Tiara, like to mimic humans.  No cabinet, or drawer is too much of a challenge.


Koppiekatz Tehya

Tehya is our newest Queen.  She has large well defined spots with plenty of acreage.  She has huge rosettes with dark, almost black outlines.  She has the sweetest personality, and loves attention and being petted.



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