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Description Price Range
Pet $1000-$2000
Breeder Quality Rights $2000 - $3500
Potential Show Cats when available $2000-$3500

* Active Military, Law Enforcement Discounts Available

Pricing - this is simply a guide as prices will vary depending on how the kitten develops. A Bengal's pelt changes so rapidly in the beginning that prices are not set until kittens are four weeks old. They are sold in three categories: pet / breeder rights / potential show quality. Not all babies have the exact specifications that show judges are looking for but kitties are beautiful and loving. I guarantee that you will have one of the best pets ever.

Early socialization is a very important process for the Bengal Breed. As a Bengal Cat Breeder, I touch and talk to my kittens from the day they are born. Every one of them loves people. All kittens live underfoot and sleep on the bed when old enough.

Bengal kittens go through a "fuzzies" stage like other cats in the wild. It resembles a bad hair day and helps camouflage them while young and helpless. At three to four months old you will see their coats change to a pelt-like fur and their eyes change from blue to gold, or green.

I welcome inquiries about the kittens. All will be sold with a health guarantee, pedigree and TICA registration papers. These kittens are very well cared for and are looking for excellent new homes where they will be treated the same. Kittens are ready to go around 10 weeks of age depending on the maturity of the kitten.

Take a look at the happy families' page for a sampling of pictures and comments sent in by kitten owners. Be sure to look at the graphic intensive kitten pictures' page for more insight on what we are producing at Shere Khan Cats.

Exciting happenings in the go to "News" Page contact information: Jean Stipe, breeder 575-522-0117 h /575-644-8900

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